Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New DYE NT Paintball Gun

The New DYE NT paintball gun has been engineered for greatness and style. DYE has taken the paintball world to the next level with the New DYE NT paintball gun. The DYE NT is years of championships, winning, and sophistication wrapped all in one gun. The new DYE NT paintball gun is completely upgraded with all the new bells a whistles you will ever need on one paintball gun. This will be Dye's most top of the line gun ever made, they have completely outdone themselves this time.


DYE NT First Look

Here is the first look of the DYE NT. This video on the DYE NT is straight from the hands of DYE themselves. It gives you all the latest information needed to show all the major and minor differences of the DYE NT and DM series.

The DYE NT will be available at ANSgear.com

Monday, September 14, 2009

New DYE NT Video

Here is the latest video out about the New DYE NT by DYE PRECISION. From what you can see the New DYE NT paintball gun is roughly based off the DM models over the years. The New DYE NT seems very smooth shooting and will most likely be very lightweight and agile just by the way Ollie Lang uses it.

The New DYE NT paintball gun will be available at ANSGear.com

DYE NT Paintball Gun

News on the new DYE NT paintball gun has finally come out. The DYE NT has now been seen by the public in a video by DYE with Ollie Lang himself finding and shooting the DYE NT paintball gun. The DYE NT is going to be one of the hottest, if not, THE hottest gun out on the market. We are anticipating to see the DYE NT in stores within the next month or so. The first showing of the DYE NT to the public, to be able to hold and see it, will most likely be Paintball Extravaganza! We all cannot wait to see what this gun can do. The DYE NT seems very smooth and fast based on the video that has been released. We will all have to wait and see until Paintball Extravaganza to get out hands on the first DYE NT paintball gun, made by DYE PRECISION.